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Peter B Ives

5th MI Cavalry

(1839 – 1902)  

 Born on Dec. 24, 1839 in Sand Hill (Redford), Wayne County, MI  the 3rd of 5 boys born to William and Eliza Ives.  Peter Ives listed his residence as Southfield Twp. when he enlisted as a private in the 5th MI Cavalry, Company L on Sept. 2, 1862 at age 23.  He survived the war and was mustered out on June 23, 1865 at Fort Leavenworth, KS.  In the 1890 Census Veteran’s Schedule he reports asthma as a permanent disability as a result of the war.  He applied for a veteran’s pension on May 25, 1888.

Peter and Elizabeth Ives married in 1865 and had 2 children: James (b.1865/6) and Violet (b.1876). The census shows that Peter practiced several professions during his working life:  in 1870 reported as running a billiard room, in 1880 as a saloon keeper, in 1900 as a foreman for B.OW., and in 1902 on his death certificate as an Inspector of Public Works.  Their entire married life Peter and Elizabeth lived in Detroit Ward 5 and Ward 6: in 1880 on Grand River and in 1900 in Corktown on Sixth St. at the corner of Labrosse, and finally downtown at 337 Michigan Ave. 

Peter died Nov. 12, 1902 of pneumonia and was buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Wayne County, Detroit, MI.  He was survived by his daughter Violet Ives, a schoolteacher, and his wife Elizabeth, who applied for a veteran’s widow’s benefit on Nov. 26, 1912. 

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