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Southfield In the War was created by the staff of the Southfield Public Library to remember the Civil War veterans from Southfield Township, Michigan and honor their sacrifice.

Sources of Southfield Civil War Veteran’s Names:

  • The Birmingham Veteran’s Monument in Birmingham, MI
  • The Veteran’s Monument in the Franklin Cemetery, Franklin, MI
  • The MI Civil War Centennial Observance Commission, Graves    

            Registration Committee.   List of Civil War veterans for    


  • Southfield listed as place of residence on the regimental rosters in, a website created by Don Harvey
  • Southfield listed as place of residence on the U.S. Census, 1890    

             Veteran’s Schedules.  Search results from

  • A transcript of a newspaper article from an unknown source listing  Oakland  County, Michigan Draftees, October 1863 (courtesy of  the Oakland County Historical and Pioneer Society)
  • U.S. Civil War Soldier Records and Profiles. Search by place of residence.

Criteria for inclusion in the Southfield Civil War Veteran’s List:

Biographies for all veterans who have Civil War service records and who have some verified connection with Southfield Twp. are included in the list.  Veterans include those who:

  • reported Southfield as place of residence at enlistment,
  • resided in Southfield Twp. following the war,
  • were buried in a Southfield Twp. cemetery.

Research sources: databases:   

     American Civil War Soldiers. 

     US Civil War Soldier Records and Profiles. US Civil War

            Soldiers, 1861 – 1865. 

     Civil War Pension Index. 

     National Home for Disabled Soldiers

     US National Homes for Disabled Soldiers.

     US Indexed County Land Ownership Maps.

Casamer, Douglas M. and Linda S. Champion.  The Michigan 22nd Infantry Regiment and The Men Who Served.  Armada Twp., MI: Casamer Publishing, Ltd.  c2006.


The information contained on this website has been verified in the research sources listed above.  Printed documentation for the veteran’s biographical research is in Southfield Civil War Veterans which is held in the Southfield Public Library, Southfield History Collection.  Access to this document is available to researchers any time the library is open.

The content of this website is the property of the Southfield Public Library, 26300 Evergreen Rd., Southfield, MI  48076 and was created by the following Southfield Public Library staff:

  • Nancy L.  Beets, Adult Services Coordinator
  • Laurie Penn, Senior Outreach Librarian
  • Kathleen Joritz, Adult Services Intern

Please direct comments, questions, omissions, and corrections to:

Thank you!

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